FullSizeRender-2This past weekend, I had the privilege of being part of a day of online sharing and learning called #MADPD. Having only presented in a formal setting once before, and having almost no prior experience with Google Hangouts on Air, I was pretty nervous. However, I must say that it was one of the greatest PD experiences I’ve ever had. There was a buzz of excitement, and so many amazing sessions to choose from.

During the day, I took the opportunity to share a little about how I use OneNote for my Daybook (and all around planner), and it was such an encouragement to have people (both familiar and unfamiliar) tune in for the session. You can watch the session here if you’d like (start at 8:50…I went live way too early!). I had so much energy after the session finished, and it made me think – how can I replicate a similar experience for my students? How can we give them more opportunities to share things that are important to them for the betterment of their peers? How can we give students more choice in how they present things, and what they present on? How can we provide meaningful real-time feedback and engage in dialogue?

There’s definitely a lot of room for improvement on my end when it comes to these questions, but I know it will lead us to somewhere better. Here’s to that journey 🙂


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